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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


{ FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!}

hi every pretty human.

this is our new handmade accessories.

you can choose what you want from the picture below or tell us what design you want and we will try to customize for you.
be it words or cute image.
necklace (+RM2) ,
bracelet (+RM3),

earing (+rm3 to have one pair),
handphone hanger (F.O.C),
keychain (+RM1),
pin (temporary unavailable)


panda: 2"x 2"

penguin: 3" x 3.5"

domokun: 3"x 2.5"
RM 10

the simpsons: 3"x 3"
non of the above catch ur eye? nvm, tell me your design XD
super mario, pac man, halloween.....

"with this,you are telling the whole world that you are having FUN"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Megasales is on HERE!

hey babes!
in conjuction of mega sales, we are having promotion for most of the items !
grab it fast before it's too late! =)
happy shopping!
btw a new batch of clothes and accessories will be coming soon!

ms cowboy - RM35 RM28

prison break - RM38 RM30

little checkers - RM35 RM28

blinky belt - RM29 RM25

black vs white - RM19.90 RM 16

pokka pokka - RM32 RM 28

*Click on the name to view its page!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

B002- love ur waist

this belt is soo gorgeous.
that you can match it with any outfit u wish.
it catches our eyes when we 1st saw it.


Price: only RM25

Sunday, May 31, 2009


D003- pokka pokka

pokka dots tube dress is something you must have in ya wardrobe
its a simply sweet piece.

wear its as a
tube dress,
high waist ,
long skirt.

color: Black

Price : RM32

Saturday, May 23, 2009

#B001-*Blinky Belt*

*it's a blinky belt which able to make a simple T to a stylish look! it's suitable for all kinds of clothes..

Colour : Black
Black (SOLD)

Price: RM29

L001-black vs white

size: free

black [RESERVED]
white [SOLD]

*it could be a legging or a 3quarters pants
*its fully cotton. and it is super super comfortable. :)

Price: RM 19.90

#D002- little checkers tube dress

size: free size. (not recommended to girls who have big bust)

●dark peach (left)
●white (center)
●dark orange (right)

*it comes along with the clincher.
*its a tube dress, doesn't come with the tee wearing.

Price: RM35

#D001-*prison break*


sky blue

light blue

size: free size
(preferable s - m)

●light grey [SOLD]
● sky blue [SOLD]
●light blue

*doesn't include with the clincher

Price: RM38


: free size

Colour :
● Grey [ SOLD ]
●Black [ SOLD ]

* it comes along with the belt shown in picture.

Price : RM35

Friday, May 22, 2009

BRAPHY LED cosmetic

we are selling this gorgeous lip gloss that you cant afford to miss it!
the eemil gurls went to the beauty fair last week and noticed that these products were selling hot and fast. it had an overwhelming response!!!
we had personally tried the product and its superb! -----------------------------------------------------------------------
LED moisturizing lip gloss a requisite cosmetic for PUB HOT GIRLs. give you sexy,plumper lips that make your smile irresistible. Thoughtful designed with a LED light and mirror that enable you to refresh your charms anytime anywhere even in DARK place.

#C001-*FUN lip gloss*
sakura extract, polybutene, pentaerythirityl, tetraisostearate, diisostearyl malate, isononyl isononanoate, triethylhexanoin, caprylic triglyceria, a-bisabolol, cholesteryl hydroxystearate, oryzanol, akali & silver & tin dioxide, pigments, methnol, hyaluronic acid, silica dimethyl silylate.
net: 7.5ml

  • it's strawberry flavour
  • glittery
  • lips will not get dimmed after using it while ordinary lip glosses do!
  • it moisturize lips [just like lip balm]
  • it's not sticky
  • there is a button to on and off the light [as shown in the pictures]
  • a small battery is built in it..so you can just simply on and off it..
  • it has a rectangle shaped mirror on the case
  • doesn't matter if we eat it accidentally as it contains titanium which is no harm to our body.
Price: RM35 (beauty fair selling at RM49.90)
#C002-*GLAMOR lip gloss*
  • it's flavourless
  • light will on and off automatically
  • much more glittery
  • moisturize lips
  • keep your lips look reddish but not dim
  • has a rectangle shaped mirror on the case
price: RM50 (beauty fair selling at RM 68)

for further information, pls contact us. thanks :)

hi every one. eemil petite gurl fashion is officially ready for business.

happy shopping our fellow customers :)